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Texas Fuels The World: An Open Letter to All American Energy Consumers

Jan 14, 2019

January 14, 2019  For Immediate Release
Austin, Texas – from the Headquarters of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

Oil and gas exports from Texas’ hydrocarbon reservoirs are a rock-solid guarantee that America’s light switches work, computers hum, and our paychecks are more secure. Texas hydrocarbon energy fuels the world, making our lives safer and more prosperous. Our hydrocarbon energy and technology can – and will – help today and tomorrow the one billion people worldwide that live in energy poverty.

The benefits are obvious.

Texas hydrocarbons, including our plentiful natural gas, have allowed the U.S. to lower key emissions. Natural gas is cleaner burning, readily available, fully regulated, and exists within America’s borders.

The national debate over energy does create an important opportunity. It allows for a much needed conversation about comprehensive energy regulatory reform. Let’s identify and eliminate duplicate and unnecessarily burdensome regulatory requirements that cost more than they save. It is important to stop damaging federal regulatory overreach when it occurs, and look for potential delegation of federal authority to our States. All Americans should read Texas Senate Concurrent Resolution 26 from the 85th Legislative Session, which was voted into law and signed by our Texas leaders.  Its important message was a call to “transcend partisan politics and correct misuses of federal regulatory power that have threatened the Texas oil and gas industry, the jobs it creates, and the economy of the state.” 

Hydrocarbons will continue to remain a vital part of all domestic and worldwide energy solutions. America must reject any political trend, deal, or social philosophy that threatens national security which is built on our energy independence. The federal government must never lose touch with the reality of jobs and the role of abundant and inexpensive energy for our communities and the world. That energy comes from hydrocarbons.
We call on our elected officials to use Texas bountiful energy wisely to solve problems and save lives today, and not focus on unrealistic and politicized promises that mislead the American people and create nothing but new problems for tomorrow. In Texas, we know that hydrocarbon energy creates prosperity that lifts the quality of life for all our citizens. If deemed necessary, this prosperity can harden vital infrastructure like roads or ports, build pipelines that can transport not just oil and gas but water to areas suffering from drought, build recycling facilities, and ensure that we use our God-given resources for the betterment of all mankind.

The best has yet to come for our beloved America and the entire world as it looks to the future, fueled by Texas hydrocarbons.


For additional information, please contact Alliance President John Tintera, 512-680-3055,,

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