Alliance Health Insurance Program is Off and Running  

The Alliance recently announced the establishment of the association’s new health insurance initiative and quotes are now being offered by Alliance partner Davidson Insurance Services along with Assured Benefits Administrators (ABA) and other service providers. 

The program offers high-quality health insurance products the Alliance member companies and their employees at potentially significantly lower rates, in fact as much as 40% lower according to Bobby Davidson and Fred Meijering of Davidson Insurance Services. The program also includes vision and dental.

Click here to download the Assured Benefits Administrators (ABA) brochure.

Click here to download the Lifestyle Health Plans brochure.

To begin the quote process, please call Janet Jennings at 972-980-4884.


Save Money with Alliance Insurance Programs & Employment Services

Since 1987, Alliance members have realized savings of 10 – 20% on rates and have qualified for dividends** totaling over $30 million***. You do not have to be an Alliance member to get a quote! Simply have your agent request a quote in the program of your choosing and if you are happy with it, you can join the Alliance at that time. For additional information regarding the Alliance Insurance Programs, please call One Star Insurance Solutions at (877) 234-2330.

Click HERE for insurance program details!

Property, General Liability, Business Auto, Pollution

BITCO Insurance Companies offer Property, GL, Business Auto, Pollution (including underground resources and saline substance contamination), and Oil Lease Property, with special pricing and the potential for safety group dividends for Alliance members. Since 1998, over $25 million has been returned to Alliance members in the form of dividends*.

If your agent is appointed by BITCO, ask them to submit your account direct requesting a quote in the Alliance Safety group. If you are already insured by BITCO, your agent can put you in the program at your next renewal. If your agent is not appointed by BITCO and you want the benefits of this program, contact Curtis Heptner, Managing Member of One Star Insurance Solutions, LLC at (940) 397-2771

Workers’ Compensation

Texas Mutual Insurance Company underwrites the first Workers’ Comp Safety Group for the oil & gas industry in the state, established and certified in 1993. Since 2020, over $5.5 million has been returned to Alliance members in the form of dividends*.

Any agent in the state can access and request a quote in this open group. Have your agent contact Curtis Heptner at (940) 397-2771 with any questions.

Employer’s Liability, Occupational Accident

BFHD Financial Services has discounted rates including Employer’s Liability and ERISA documents on the Occupational Accident Plan for those opting out of Worker’s Compensation.

Have your agent contact Jim Hawkins at (940) 761-1136.

Provider websites:

BITCO Insurance Companies –

Texas Mutual Insurance Company –

One Star Insurance Solutions, LLC –

Have your agent contact the above providers today for a quote. Your Alliance membership gives you the resources to increase revenue and cut costs.

 * You must be a member of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers to participate in any of the above listed insurance programs.  You can join at the time you accept the quote.

** Dividends are not guaranteed, and all dividend plans must be approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. 

*** Total paid back to members from all insurance programs as of 7/1/2020.