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A Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Response to Texas Tribune

By Alliance President John Tintara

Our West Texas oil fields are the focus of recent reporting that, from the perspective of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, is at best one-sided.

The recently released Texas Tribune article “West Texas Becomes the Worlds Extraction Colony…” misses the mark by an oil-country mile.

The Alliance has, and will continue to work aggressively, with state and federal officials to address all oil field issues. There is no problem that good policy and solid technology cannot solve. However, we will always rely on science, fact, and due process as the regulatory and policy benchmarks to ensure that decisions are made to best serve all Texans.

The Alliance has been doing this for a while. Here are some recent examples of our efforts:

  • The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers debuted the Permian Basin Petroleum Index to serve as a forecasting tool to assist decision makers inside and outside of industry with their economic predictions and planning.
  • We are engaged in Washington D.C. with the important issue of produced water as we gather facts through our White Paper initiatives for regulators and decision makers to consider during policy and rule making efforts. See:
  • We are building a strong student membership program to ensure the next generation of oil field workers have the support and encouragement to find good paying jobs, and are able to address new environmental issues and concerns.
  • The Texas Alliance hosts conferences and events that have a statewide and even national impact. We bring industry professionals and the public together to educate our members on regulatory and legislative issues. The 2019 Alliance Expo & Annual Meeting, which will be held April 2-3 in Irving, Texas, will provide a great forum for members and guests to see the latest technology and services for the oil and gas industry. See:

There are many more issues the Alliance will be addressing. But perhaps the most important comment we can make is that, through our members, we represent good people doing good work. It is honest work for good pay. It attracts smart and hardworking men and women that are willing to put in long hours and get their boots dirty.

No one supports pollution. Period. No oil company, no regulator, no Texas elected official, no oil field worker. No one. To infer otherwise is simply false.

In response to the one-sided reporting recently aired, the Texas Alliance would like to share with the public what has really been happening in our Texas Oil Fields.

We all have heard of the jobs, tax revenue growth, and opportunities created in the oil field. But readers should also be aware that there has been a concurrent growing and vibrant regulatory framework put in place with:

Texas, you can count on the Texas Alliance to be there to present the facts from the field, as well as the policies from the politicians, to make sure that the Texas oil fields are working for all Texans. God Bless our Texas oil fields and workers.