On January 18, 1930, a group of about 50 independent oil producers met at the brand new Wichita Club, located atop the Hamilton Building in Wichita Falls, Texas, to protest “the recent drastic price cut in crude oil, inaugurated by some of the major purchasing companies.”

They drafted and voted upon a resolution, acknowledging what was popular opinion at the time: that crude is a very precious, finite resource, and it “should be conserved in every way possible, for the welfare and happiness of this and other generations […]”

One week later, on January 25, the group of independents formally organized and became the North Texas Oil and Gas Association (NTOGA) – one of the Alliance’s founding associations. Mr. P.B. ‘Barney’ Flynn was elected NTOGA’s first President.

A Board of Directors was selected, bylaws were adopted, and a dues structure was established ($100 for largest producers to $10 for producers of small quantities of crude oil).

NTOGA’s agenda quickly expanded to include support of a tariff on imported oil, prorationing, property taxes, common carrier status of crude oil pipelines, oil field thefts and membership.

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Through The Years: Becoming the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

North Texas Oil & Gas Association & the West Central Texas Oil & Gas Association merged in 2000 to form the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

In 2000, NTOGA merged with the Abilene, Texas organization West Central Oil & Gas Association (WeCTOGA), and formed the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. The new organization became the largest – and leading – oil and gas statewide association for Independent oil and gas companies in Texas and in the nation.

The Alliance has a long and proud history, and we look forward to Representing our Members through Advocacy and Education.

The current Chairman of the Board is Houston Sullivan, Veritas Energy of Fort Worth, Texas.

Today, the Alliance has offices in Austin and Wichita Falls, Texas.

Click here to download list of past Presidents/Chairmen of NTOGA & the Alliance.

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Based in the oil patch, the Alliance represents the interests of the oil and gas industry at both the state and federal levels of government. The Alliance’s commitment is to ensuring that tomorrow’s energy policy will be one in which our members can grow and prosper.

Created in 2000 through the merger of the North Texas Oil & Gas Association and the West Central Texas Oil & Gas Association, the Alliance has a combined membership of over 3,350 members. It is the largest state independent oil and gas association in the nation.

The Alliance brings together members in 300 cities and 29 states for the common purpose of protecting the oil and gas industry and developing programs – insurance, public education – that make them more profitable. The Alliance’s effectiveness relies upon speaking with one, unified voice.

Independents drilled 96% of wells in Texas, and produced 88% of the oil & gas in Texas.

Together we are strong…

individually, our voice becomes fragmented and weak.