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A Rebuttal: Fossil Fuels Fuel The World

Jan 1, 2018

Editor’s Note: The Democratic National Committee (DNC) recently passed a resolution stating they will no longer accept campaign donations from fossil fuel companies.
As one of the largest trade energy associations in the country, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers works on sound energy policy, no matter what party is in office. We support candidates and parties that believe in a strong, robust domestic energy industry.

AUSTIN – The benefits of fossil fuels and the bountiful opportunities they have given to mankind should be celebrated, not disparaged. To deprive our world of this energy resource would be a humanitarian and even genocidal crime of unprecedented proportions.

From the ink that prints this rebuttal, to the rocket fuel that takes us to space, petroleum products are the foundation of our energy-rich lives. To say otherwise is callow to the point of calumny.

One billion children live in poverty worldwide. They deserve the same standard of living that the oil and gas industry has provided to us fortunate Texans. Only fossil fuels can improve the lives of today’s children, while building strong foundations for the children of tomorrow.

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers will not stand idle while political partisans condemn our Texas jobs, our hard work, and our contributions to the world and this great nation. The grotesque statements by self-serving politicians regarding a worldwide global warming apocalypse are just a hysterical effort to further politicize an issue that deserves far more serious consideration than many Washington, DC pundits can provide.

Energy disarmament by abandoning fossil fuels will damage our world far more than any politicized guesstimate of projected sea level rise in the next several generations or slowly changing weather patterns.

This bizarre commentary is a holdover from a previous administration that placed America in a supplicant energy importer position, which used regulatory overreach to advance a questionable political agenda, and that fails to consider the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans for a better economic future. The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers continues to work hard to reject and replace intentionally punitive regulations.

At this time, we have so many fossil fuel opportunities. This includes modern hydro fracture technology, water recycling, and rapidly dropping greenhouse gas emissions that clean burning natural gas has provided.

It is shameless politics to ignore these facts. This political insult to the American oil and gas worker will not be forgotten.

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