Texas Alliance Passes Resolution Denouncing Federal Regulation Without Representation

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WICHITA FALLS — The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers’s Board of Directors met in Fort Worth yesterday and unanimously approved the following resolution, openly opposing the onslaught of overreaching federal regulations issued during the outgoing administration’s term, and reaffirming the association’s dedication to advocating for and protecting the independent oil and gas industry in Texas.


Whereas, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Board of Directors, representing approximately 3,000 members involved in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas;

Whereas, the members of the Alliance recognize that the election on November 8, 2016, presents an opportunity to work with our political leadership to transcend partisan politics and correct the repeated misuse of federal regulatory power that has threatened the livelihood of the Texas oil and gas industry, the jobs of our employees, the well being of all our families, and the economy of our great State of Texas;

Whereas, let it be proudly said that our Texas oil fields have provided a pathway toward American energy independence from foreign and hostile energy cartels, afforded good jobs and security to hundreds of thousands of energy employees in Texas, and delivered inexpensive energy to fuel our national economy for many years to come.

Whereas, our Founding Fathers called taxation without representation “Tyranny” and fought and won a revolution to free themselves from the immoral policies of the cruel English monarchy, and today Americans from coast-to-coast must recover from a new federal tyranny, “Regulation without Representation”;

Whereas, during the past eight years the federal government has embarked on a deliberate and determined regulatory war focused on the oil fields of Texas, waged by an army of faceless federal bureaucrats beholden to the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government;

Whereas, these federal agencies are unresponsive to our protests, the pleas of our elected leaders of the State of Texas, and the concerns of members of the United States Congress;
Whereas, massive new federal regulations have been proposed and implemented despite the protests of our State Leaders and our oil and gas industry, resulting in a complicated maze of overregulation that creates more economic pain with little environmental gain;

Whereas, the State of Texas and many industries, including oil and gas, have filed more than 20 lawsuits against federal overreach in an effort to protect our families and our livelihood;

Therefore, be it resolved, that on this 15th day of November, 2016, the Board of Directors of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers pledges

• To advocate and protect the independent oil and gas industry in Texas,

• To vigorously and tirelessly represent our membership with federal regulatory bodies,

• To work with our newly elected political leadership to fix the broken federal regulatory system that has been seriously damaged by the political desires of previous federal administrations, and

• To stand, now and in the future, against the blatant misuse of federal regulatory authority designed to place punitive and misguided federal regulations on Texas and our oil and gas fields.

As we make this stand, we continue to voice our support and gratitude for our State Regulators and Legislators. We thank them for helping us protect our environmental and preserve our natural resources. They form a thin blue line of reason and responsibility in a stark contrast to the deliberate machinations of a hostile federal Executive Branch.

Today we, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, call to our members and all our fellow oil and gas producers to stand united with us as we begin the long road to repair the damage done by this blatant federal overreach. From well head to burner tip, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers commits itself to demanding the use of science, fact and due process from all federal regulators during all federal regulatory actions and rule making.

We ask all Texans to join with us in the effort to stand against misguided federal policies, assist us in working with our new political leadership to repair the damage that has been done, and help us save Texas jobs, Texas families, and our Texas oil fields.

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The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers is the largest state independent oil and gas trade association in the nation, representing more than 3,000 members comprised of independent producers, operators, service and equipment supply companies, financial institutions, law firms, and other oil and gas related interests. 


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