Texas Alliance Announces Federal Regulatory Energy Delegation (FRED) Committee Formation

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers is announcing the formation of a Federal Regulatory Energy Delegation (FRED) Committee designed to focus on the opportunities to direct federal programs and funding to state authorities that oversee the oil and gas industry.

An incoming new Administration and Congress has created what could be a “once in a career” opportunity to address overreaching, redundant, and/or poorly managed federal regulations that would be best delegated to States where they can be better overseen.

The FRED Committee will conduct and report on the following efforts:

  • Identify key federal regulations currently under the authority of the EPA, DOI, DOE and other federal agencies and evaluate if they should be left alone, revised, delegated to state agencies, or eliminated.
  • Interact with Texas Legislature and regulatory agencies to recommend consideration of state action in acquiring additional federal authority, including budget dollars needed from Feds,
  • Recommend any necessary revisions to Texas statutes, rules, memorandums of understanding, etc. so transitions can be anticipated and occur smoothly.

Ground work began this week, on Jan. 9, 2017 when Alliance staff and members conducted a call-up trip to Washington to visit with our Congressional Leadership.

The Alliance invites interested members to contact John Tintera, Katie Carmichael, or Bill Stevens for participation.  Thank you in advance for your interest and your time. We have an opportunity to make a dramatic improvement in how our industry is regulated by federal bureaucrats.