Texas Alliance Congratulates President-Elect Trump


November 9, 2016


AUSTIN — The following statement is from John Tintera, Executive Vice President of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. For additional information, call Mr. Tintera at 512-680-3055.

The victory by President-elect Donald Trump indicates that there will be many changes in energy policy.

Candidate Trump said during the campaign that the oil and natural gas industry is overregulated by the federal government.

“Our nation’s regulatory system is completely broken,” Trump wrote in the October issue of The American Oil and Gas Reporter. “Terrible rules are written by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who often know nothing about the people they are regulating. The regulators have all the power. We have too many costly, burdensome and unwise regulations that are bad for American and do little or no good.”

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers congratulated President-elect Trump on winning the election. The Alliance’s officers and staff look forward to working with the Trump Administration and the members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to ensure that future regulations are based on good science and hard facts.

Also, the Alliance congratulates Wayne Christian for his victory in the race for a seat on the Texas Railroad Commission, the agency that regulates the oil and gas industry. Mr. Christian has served in the Texas Legislature, which should be of benefit as the commission goes through the sunset process in the next legislative session.

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The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers is the largest state independent oil and gas trade association in the nation, representing more than 3,000 member companies comprised of independent producers, operators, service and equipment supply companies, financial institutions, law firms, and other oil and gas related interests. For more information, visit: www.texasalliance.org.