Senate Natural Resources Committee Votes Unanimously In Favor Of FRED Resolution


This morning the Texas Senate Natural Resources Committee unanimously voted in favor of a resolution calling on the federal government to work with Texas in unraveling the harmful, overreaching regulations aimed at negatively impacting the oil and gas industry.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 26 filed by Senate Natural Resources Chairman Craig Estes (R- Wichita Falls) strongly urges Congress and the new administration to closely review these onerous regulations in order to determine whether the rules should be revised, repealed or alternatively, delegated back to the states to implement and enforce.

The Alliance’s Executive Vice President John Tintera testified before the Senate committee Tuesday encouraging lawmakers to approve the measure and support state delegation. Tintera and the Alliance’s government relations team have been working diligently with state lawmakers, as well as federal representatives and national trade groups, through the Alliance’s Federal Regulatory Energy Delegation (FRED) Committee to seize the opportunity to alleviate the massive regulatory burdens that have stunted the growth of the oil and gas industry in our state.

A similar resolution, House Concurrent Resolution 84, has also been filed in the House of Representatives by House Energy Resources Chairman Drew Darby (R- San Angelo). Both resolutions acknowledge the incredible economic security and prosperity that Texas oilfields have afforded the state and the country as a whole, and also reference the more than 20 lawsuits that Texas has filed in conjunction with many other oil and gas producing states against federal overreach.