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July 14, 2016
Future Looks Better, But Industry Moves Cautiously

July 7, 2016
State, Federal Policymakers Challenge EPA Regulations

June 30, 2016
Oil, Gas Industry Attitudes Become More Positive

June 23, 2016
Oil Industry Contributes $256 Million To Plug Orphaned Wells

June 16, 2016
Natural Gas Becomes Largest Generation Fuel

June 9, 2016
Global Oil Disruptions Contribute To Price Increase

June 2, 2016
EPA Continues Rigorous Regulation Of Oil Industry

May 26, 2016
Scientists Debate Cause Of Earthquakes In Texas

May 19, 2016
U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Argument On Clean Power Plan

May 12, 2016
Industry Cautiously Watches Oil Price Inch Higher

May 5, 2016
Refiners Try To Cope With Rising Oil Price And Increased Competition

April 28, 2016
Saudi Arabia Plans To Take Aramco Public

April 21, 2016
Environmentalists Change Tactics In Effort To Silence Opponents

April 14, 2016
Saudi Arabia Targets High-Cost Oil Production

April 7, 2016
Federal Agencies Increase Regulation Of Oil Industry

March 31, 2016
American Oil Imports Hit 45 Year Low

March 24, 2016
Oil, Natural Gas Prices Remain Low On News Of Large Supplies

March 17, 2016
Study Says Fossil Fuels Not Major Cause Of Rise In Methane

March 10, 2016
Government Report Criticizes EPA For ‘Covert Propaganda’

March 3, 2016
Justice Department 0-5 In Felony Convictions From Blowout In Gulf

February 25, 2016
Drill, Baby, Drill ‘Gimmick’ Worked

February 19, 2016
Is OPEC Dead?

February 11, 2016
Drop In Prices Overshadow Proposed Oil Tax Court Ruling

February 4, 2016
Cruz’s Victory Signals Possible Change In Energy, Tax Policies

January 28, 2016
Oversupply Of Oil And Gas Creates Decline In Industry In 2015

January 21, 2016
Presidential Candidates Position On Energy Issues Exposed

January 14, 2016
Obama Calls For ‘Transition Away From Old, Dirtier Energy Sources’

January 7, 2016
Retail Gasoline Prices Plunge To Six-Year Low

December 29, 2015
Paris Agreement Creates More Issues For Oil Industry

December 17, 2015
Environmentalists Not Happy With Initial Study

December 10, 2015
Railroad Commission Chairman Will Not Seek Re-Election

December 3, 2015
Obama Pledges Financial Support Of Green Climate Fund

November 26, 2015
Refiners Profit From Oversupply Of Crude Oil

November 19, 2015
Paris Attack Creates Concern For Safety Of U.S. Oil Infrastructure

November 12, 2015
President Obama Rejects Construction Of Keystone XL Pipeline

November 4, 2015
Regulators Say Injection Wells Did Not Cause Earthquakes

October 29, 2015
Politicians Find Pot Of Gold

October 22, 2015
EIA Says U.S. Oil Production Declines 500,000 Barrels

October 15, 2015
Analysts Predict Slow Recovery Of Oil And Gas Industry

October 7, 2015
More Reforms Needed To Make Mexico Successful

September 30, 2015
No Quick Fix For Oversupply Issue

September 24, 2015
The Pope, Hillary Clinton, And Oil Exports

September 17, 2015
Debate Lacks Energy Issues; Oil Inventories Decline

September 9, 2015
Railroad Commission Examiners Issue Finding On Earthquakes

September 3, 2015
Courts, Congress, Regulators Take On Oil And Gas Issues

August 27, 2015
Crude Oil Prices Have Taken A Scary Ride Lately

August 20, 2015
EPA Issues Another Regulation Of Air Emissions

August 14, 2015
Many Factors Force Crude Oil Posted Prices Below $40

August 6, 2015
EPA Issues Another Complicated Regulation

July 30, 2015
Texas Oil Production On Track To Break Record

July 23, 2015
Oil Inventories Soar Above 5-Year Seasonal Average

July 14, 2015
Gasoline Prices Lowest Since 2009

July 7, 2015
Texas Oil Production Increases 16 Percent

June 30, 2015
EPA Did Not Compute Cost Of Regulation On Industry

June 25, 2015
Companies Testify That Quakes Occurred Far Below Disposal Wells

June 18, 2015
Pope Francis Issues Anti-Fossil Fuel Message

June 11, 2015
OPEC Has Advantages Over U.S. Producers In Fight For Market Share

June 4, 2015
Texas Legislature Wants State To Regulate Oil And Gas

May 28, 2015
Electricity Must Be Reliable Day And Night

May 21, 2015
U.S. Should Be ‘Great Arsenal Of Energy’

May 14, 2015
Air Emissions Best Ever In Much Of Texas

May 7, 2015
EPA Issues Roadmap For Environmental Justice

April 30, 2015
LNG Finds A Niche In The Energy Market

April 23, 2015
Water Extraction, Reinjection “Most Likely” Cause Of Earthquakes

April 16, 2015
EIA Projects Continued Volatility In Oil Prices

April 9, 2015
Consumers Enjoy Lower Prices Thanks To Increased Production

April 2, 2015
Texas’s Air Emissions Continue To Decline

March 26, 2015
Congress Takes On Energy Issues

March 19, 2015
Fossil Fuels Remain Best Bet For Global Economic Success

March 12, 2015
Natural Gas, Wind Will Replace Many Coal-Fired Plants

March 5, 2015
It’s Time To Remove The Prohibition To Export Crude Oil

February 26, 2015
Texas Legislature Gets Down To Business

February 19, 2015
Green Activists Target, Misunderstand Flaring

February 12, 2015
Production Gain, Price Decline Lead To News Stories

February 5, 2015
Crude Oil Prices Continue To Drop Amid Supply Glut

January 30, 2015
Congress Gets Busy On Oil, Gas Issues

January 23, 2015
President’s Energy Talk Differs From His Actions

January 16, 2015
EPA Announces It Will Issue Commonsense Regulations Soon

January 9, 2015
The Debate About Fracturing Must Be Based On Sound Science

January 2, 2015
Decline In Oil Price Tops Industry News In 2014

December 26, 2014
Washington Should Repeal The Ban On Crude Oil Exports

December 18, 2014
New York Commission Will Recommend Banning Fracturing

December 11, 2014
Peaks And Valleys Nothing New For Oil Industry

December 5, 2014
EIA Says Proved Reserves Increased in 2013

November 26, 2014
Lower Gasoline Prices Giving Americans A Happier Holiday

November 20, 2014
Busy Week for Oil and Gas News

November 13, 2014
City of Denton Passes Fracing Ban

November 6, 2014
U.S. Production Continues to Rise

October 30, 2014
U.S. Shale Oil Production- The New Oil Order

October 23, 2014
Job Creation In Texas ‘A Most Amazing Economic Phenomenon’

October 16, 2014
Denton Fracing Vote Set for November 4

October 10, 2014
Royalty Payments For Many Seem Like Blessing From Heaven

October 3, 2014
Shale Revolution Helps Crude Prices Hold Steady

October 3, 2014
Shale Revolution Helps Crude Prices Hold Steady

September 26, 2014
Three Independent Drilling Studies Released

September 19, 2014
Senate Examines Tax Reform Again

September 12, 2014
Energy Taxes Create Economic Burden

September 5, 2014
Border Pipeline Security A Major Concern For RRC

August 29, 2014
Operators Flare Gas to Ensure Wellsite Safety

August 22, 2014
RRC Proposes Changes to Disposal Well Rules

August 15, 2014
Fracing Turns Tide of Domestic Energy Production

August 8, 2014
Communities Nationwide Consider Fracing Ban

July 31, 2014
Tintera Delivers White Paper on Water Usage

July 24, 2014
U.S. Shale Development Makes Mideast Crisis Less Painful

July 18, 2014
Federal Regulations Continue to Grow in Number

July 10, 2014
EPA Cannot Produce Climate Change Study Used in Regulations

July 3, 2014
Denton City Council Considers Ban on Fracing

June 26, 2014
U.S. Supreme Court Issues Far-Reaching Decision on Air Emissions

June 19, 2014
Reporter Omits Facts; Discredits Statements

June 14, 2014
Crude Oil Prices Increase on Futures Market

June 6, 2014
Obama Administration Releases New Air Emission Regulations

May 29, 2014
Dallas County Lawsuit Decision Concerns Industry Execs

May 22, 2014
Increase in U.S. Oil Production Creates New Issues for Refiners

May 15, 2014
Texas Faces High Stakes Investigation Into Earthquakes

May 8, 2014
Federal Study Predicts Rising Temperatures and More Catastrophes

May 1, 2014
Consumers Reveal Concern over Gasoline Prices in Energy Survey

April 24, 2013
Fossil Fuel Debate Ongoing; Federal Lands Closed for Business

April 18, 2014
Railroad Commission Run-Off Election Gets Hot

April 11, 2014
Increases in Petroleum Production Have Positive Economic Impact

April 3, 2014
Federal Agencies Issue Major Regulatory Changes

March 26, 2014
Hydraulic Fracturing Becomes Controversial

March 20, 2014
Property Rights Attacked by Environmentalists

March 13, 2014
Americans’ Interest in Climate Change Waning

March 6, 2014
Russia Uses Natural Gas to its Advantage

February 27, 2014
Environmental Extremists Give Oil, Gas Industry ‘Bad Rap’

February 20, 2014
RRC Candidates Christian, Sitton Want Less Regulation

February 13, 2014
Two Candidates For Railroad Commission Want Smaller Government

February 6, 2014
U.S. Ready to Become Global Energy Powerhouse

January 30, 2014
Natural Gas Storage Declines, Consumption Increases

January 24, 2014
AP Reporter Again Tells Incomplete Story

January 16, 2014
Environmental Groups, Obama Administration Seek More Regulation

January 9, 2014
Increases in Oil and Gas Production have Positive Economic Impact

January 2, 2014
IG Report Attempts to Vindicate EPA’s Bullying Tactics

December 26, 2013
Natural Gas Sets Draw Down Record

December 19, 2013
U.S. Production Makes Huge Gains; Mexico Allows Foreign Exploration

December 12, 2013
BP Still Paying for Deepwater Horizon Blowout

December 5, 2013
Texas Oil and Gas Industry Continues to Set Records

November 27, 2013
Temperature Rises 0.1 Degree Since 2007, Casting Doubts on UN Study

November 21, 2013
House Passes Bill Regarding Regulation of Oil and Gas Industry

November 14, 2013
Obama Continues to Mislead Public

November 7, 2013
Lawsuit Alleges Oil Price Manipulation

October 30, 2013
New Energy Secretary Has Energy Background

October 24, 2013
EPA Reports Historical Decline in Carbon Dioxide Emissions

October 17, 2013
Bureaucrats, Environmental Groups Engage in ‘Sue and Settle’ Tactics

October 3, 2013
U.S. Closes In on Becoming Largest Producer of Oil, Gas

September 26, 2013
New EPA Emissions Rule May Kill Coal

September 19, 2013
UT Study Dispels EPA Scare Tactics Regarding Hydraulic Fracing

September 12, 2013
Uncertainy Regarding Syria Rises as DOE Approves Natural Gas Exports

September 4, 2013
Water Issues Remain ‘Hot’ as Industry Adapts to Ongoing Drought