Government Relations

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The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers represents its 3,300 strong membership in the Texas Legislature, the U.S. House & Senate as well as in state & federal regulatory agencies.

TAEP constantly strives to protect the interests of the independent oil and gas producer. We are committed to educating legislators and the public about our industry and its significantly positive economic impact on both the state of Texas and the nation as a whole. To this end, we regularly publish studies, reports and articles that are useful and pertinent to the energy industry, a few of which are linked below.

CLICK HERE to view Texas Alliance’s ‘Study of Hydraulic Fracturing and the Impact it May Have on Drinking Water Resources’
CLICK HERE to view Title 30 Texas Administrative Code ‘MSS at Oil and Gas Handling and Production Facilities Fact Sheet’
CLICK HERE to read TCEQ’s Explanation of NSPS OOOO Requirements