Federal Regulatory Energy Delegation (FRED) Committee Update

The Alliance continues to track both the Senate and House Concurrent Resolutions regarding federal delegations to the State of Texas.  SCR  26, urging Congress to review federal regulations on the oil and gas industry, was introduced on Feb 23, 2017 and passed out of the Senate on  Apr 10, 2017.  The sponsors are Senators Estes and Bettencourt.
In the House, Representative  Darby introduced HCR 84 on Feb 24, 2017. The bill urges Congress to identify federal regulatory programs that harm the Texas oil and gas industry and delegate relevant regulatory responsibilities to state agencies. As of today, it still resides in the House Committee.
Alliance staff will continue our discussion with Texas legislators to help the House version pass out of Committee in a vote that may occur next week.
The FRED committee continues to meet by phone weekly during the Alliance corporate issues meetings to discuss issues and priorities. Interested members are welcome to participate.  Alliance staff is also having discussions with national oil and gas associations as well as our Texas Congressional representatives to keep this issue on the front burner of energy discussions.