Conference & Workshop Presentations

Alliance Members-Only Webinars:

CLICK HERE to send an email and request the slides from the “EPA’s New Methane Rule” webinar. Slides are available by request to all Alliance members!

CLICK HERE to view “Prospects for Recovery: An Economic Update” By Karr Ingham

CLICK HERE to view “The New RRC Groundwater Advisory Unit Fees: the Who, What and Why” By John Tintera and Brian Miller

CLICK HERE to view “Update on Marginal Well Tax Incentives” by John Tintera and Brian Miller


Abilene Membership Meeting:

CLICK HERE to view Oil & Gas Statewide Rule 15: Surface Equipment Removal/Plugging Extension Applications (Form W-3C & W-3X) by Mysti Doshier

Alliance Expo & Annual Meeting:

CLICK HERE to view “Injection Well Regulatory Update” By John Tintera

CLICK HERE to view “Texas Inactive Well Regulations” By John Tintera

CLICK HERE to view “Amendments to SWRs 5, 31, 38, 40, 45, 51, 52 & 86” by Brian Miller


Abilene Membership Meeting:

CLICK HERE to view the “EPA Methane Reduction Plan and Waters of the U.S.” By Bill Stevens

CLICK HERE to view “EPA Methane Regulations for the Oil and Gas Industry” By Bill Stevens

CLICK HERE to view “Laws Effective September 1, 2015 – Role Of Government Affairs” by Gloria Leal

CLICK HERE to view “UFT Rule Proposals; Adopting Statewide Horizontal Rules in Texas” by Mark Henkhaus, Apache Corp

CLICK HERE to view “Refracturing: The Next Generation” by John Tintera


Houston Wildcatters:

CLICK HERE to view the presentation EnerVest CEO John Walker gave at the March 24 Houston Wildcatters event.


Rule 13 Checklist:

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers is now selling John Tintera‘s Rule 13 Checklist that was first introduced at the 2014 Alliance Expo Environmental Seminar. The 80-page document contains key definitions, a quick reference section organized by topic, the full Rule 13 text from the Natural Resource Code, sample forms, and more. CLICK HERE to read more about the checklist and to order your copy!  


Environmental Workshop Presentations:

CLICK HERE to view “New Drilling, Completion & Cementing Requirements” by John Tintera

CLICK HERE to view “RRC Rules Covering Inactive Wells, Organizational Report Renewal” by Brian Miller

CLICK HERE to view “Landfarming Regulations & Risk-Based Corrective Action” by Byron Ellington

CLICK HERE to view “TCEQ Air Emission Rule & NSPS OOOO” by Chuck Salser

CLICK HERE to view “Compliance with RICE Regulations” by Kristine Baranski

CLICK HERE to view “SPCC Plans” by Bonnie Helms

CLICK HERE to view “Protecting Your Company Today from Trouble Tomorrow” by Kelly Walker

CLICK HERE to view “Pollution Standards for Internal Combustion Engines”

CLICK HERE to view the “Stationary RICE Chart”


Rule 13 Workshop Presentations:

CLICK HERE to view Texas Alliance Regualtory Consultant John Tintera’s presentation over the new Statewide Rule 13


Energy, Air & Water Conference Presentations:

CLICK HERE to view “The Future of Desalination and Cleaning Brackish Water”

CLICK HERE to view “The Energy-Water Nexus”

CLICK HERE to view “Water Recycling and Regulation: Past, Present & Future”

CLICK HERE to view TCEQ’s “San Antonio Air Quality Update”

CLICK HERE to view “Issues and Opportunities in Evaluating Water Sources for Oil & Gas Corporations”

CLICK HERE to view “Challenges in Produced Water Treatment and Measurement”

CLICK HERE to view “A Better Way to Estimate Emissions from Oil and Gas Operations”

CLICK HERE to view “Air Quality Issues: Non-Attainment Challenges in South Texas”

CLICK HERE to view “How Energy, Air and Water Will Impact Oil & Gas Production in Texas”