Alliance Offers Rule 13 Checklist for Operators

SWR 13 Cover Photo croppedThe Texas Alliance of Energy Producers has partnered with John Tintera, former Railroad Commission Executive Director, to create a comprehensive Checklist for the new Statewide Rule 13 that addresses drilling, completion and cementing regulations.

“We are pleased to offer this Checklist that Mr. Tintera specifically designed to meet the needs of independent oil & gas operators,” said Alliance President Alex Mills. “We have received feedback from our industry indicating several points of confusion with the new Rule and its implementation. We are confident this Checklist will make it easier for operators to stay in compliance and will answer several questions we’ve been getting regarding Rule 13.”

Tintera, who serves as Alliance Regulatory Advisor and former Executive Director of the Railroad Commission, agrees the Checklist is both timely and pertinent.

“The new Statewide Rule 13 went into effect January 1, 2014,” Tintera said, “and even before that date, the Alliance has been offering Rule 13 Seminars across the state with Q&A sessions at the conclusion of each seminar. After leading these seminars, I began working on a document that would allow operators to quickly reference specific sections of the rule by topic, and explain key terms used within the text of the Rule. That’s how the Checklist was born.”

Tintera is enthusiastic about how attendees received the Checklist when it was first introduced at the Environmental Seminar he helped to lead during the 2014 Alliance Expo & Annual Meeting. “We got great feedback from seminar participants regarding how easy the document was to navigate and to understand,” Tintera said. “I’m looking forward to working with the Alliance in the future to develop similarly formatted Checklists for other environmental regulations.”

Alliance members can purchase the Checklist for $125; non-members for $365 (non-members who purchase a Rule 13 Checklist will receive a complimentary 1-year individual membership to the Alliance).

“We were formed to represent, aid, and advocate for the independent operators and producers in the oil & gas industry,” Mills said, “and this Checklist is a great way to support them.”

To find out more about the checklist or to order your copy,
please contact Alliance Intern Erin Hudson
by phone: (940) 723-4131, x 14 or by email: