Alliance Intern Accepts Position With Railroad Commission

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers would like to congratulate Leslie Bruce, Alliance Summer Intern, on accepting a position at the Texas Railroad Commission. Bruce will begin her new job on Monday, September 11 and will be processing drilling permits for the Commission.

Bruce began her internship with the Alliance earlier this summer and has been working under the direct guidance of Alliance Executive Vice President John Tintera. Her primary project with the Alliance has been to study and evaluate how the practice of re-fracturing (re-entering an already-completed wellbore) aligns with current Railroad Commission regulations, and if re-fracturing qualifies as an EOR project. Through her internship with the Alliance, Bruce had the unique opportunity to meet with senior officials at the Railroad Commission to discuss her project and was able to form relationships with decision-makers prior to interviewing for a job.

Bruce graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Masters of Science in High Temperature Geochemistry in August, during which time she also worked as a teaching assistant. Her master’s thesis focused on constraining the amount of H2O recycled into the deep mantle via subduction by using a new and more robust proxy, clinopyroxene phenocrysts. Bruce received her undergraduate degree in Geological Sciences from the University of South Carolina, while also working as a research scholar and a lab assistant at the university. She is active in a number of organizations, including Global Leadership of Women (GLOW), GeoFORCE Mentor Program and UT’s Graduate Student Executive Council (GSEC).

Congratulations again to Leslie on this incredible accomplishment. We have no doubt that she has a bright future and a successful career ahead of her!